Monday, December 12, 2011

Omelet for Two

When I was a child growing up at home, mom would always make me breakfast, whether it was something simple, like cereal, or something more substantial like eggs, bacon and toast, french toast or even pancakes. She knew how to make everything. The smell of the coffee always woke me up, but I wasn't allowed to drink it. I used to crave it without even being addicted to it...yet. I remember watching mom fry the eggs sunny side up, hearing it sizzle and pop in the pan while she had bacon frying in another. She'd call her eggs, "dunking eggs" when fried (because we dunked our bread in the yolk). My favorite of hers was when she would make scrambled eggs OCD style: scrambled eggs laid out in the middle of the dish in a circular shape, strips of bacon surrounding the eggs, along with rectangular slices of toast with butter & jelly on the outer circle. It was perfectly lined up, which explains my own OCD manias. Dad always cooked breakfast with everything. He was a 'lumberjack' type of guy who liked his eggs with home fries and anything else he could throw in there. As an adult, I try to incorporate a little bit from mom and a little bit from dad. These breakfasts are usually done as a "treat" and not every single day. We normally have egg white omelets and use less fattening ingredients, but if you want to impress your sweetie with a little bit of the healthy stuff with the sinful goodies, try this recipe. This is my heavenly omelet for two...
First you want to start off by chopping fresh parsley, onions and scallions, throwing in 2-3 already cooked potatoes with the skin still on them. Chop them all together until finally blends all evenly.

Prepare your pan with heating up a tablespoon of butter, and yes, a fatty strip of bacon. (Everything tastes better with bacon!) This really flavors it up. Add your spices, like salt, pepper, garlic powder and a touch of chili powder to give it a slight kick. Stir it up and don't let it get stuck to the pan. Some of it will, but that's okay.

Throw the pig in the pan, so it'll cook while you're making your delicious home fries. I usually set it to "5" on the stove so it cooks evenly and it doesn't get too too crisp, nor too rubbery when undercooked. Bleck. When your first bacon strip looks cooked - chop it up in tiny little pieces and throw it in the home fries.

You can use either regular eggs with the yolk, or you can do what I do - I make my omelets with egg whites only. I just prefer them that way. The eggs are the last to be thrown in the pan because they seem to cook faster. I take a wooden spoon and move the eggs around, as if you were making scrambled eggs, so it gives it a 'messy-lumpy' look. I love that. I'm not a fan of a clean and neat omelet. No fun...

Then, add your home fries into the middle of your eggs in a straight-ish line, along with strips of cheese. Then, fold.

It's so important to use a non-stick pan! Also, use Pam cooking spray for the omelet because it works so much better than say, butter or any other type of oily substance. If you use butter, sometimes it'll stick to the pan leaving you with a holy omelet. Cut the omelet evenly in half and place each of them onto a slice of bread and add your bacon.

And voila - put it all together and you have heaven in approximately 10 minutes. Bon appetit!

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