Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good Ol' SPO (Sausage, Peppers & Onions)

Growing up in an Italian household, sausage & peppers was a common thing. My mom used to make it and then used it in her scrambled eggs or she would make this incredibly huge omelet and tuck it away inside. It looks like this huge overstuffed pie. I was never a fan of sausage or peppers. I hated both. I developed a taste for it later on in life when I tried it again at a Renaissance Festival. Not sure why I ordered it, but wow it smelled good.

It seemed as though every party, every BBQ or a dish made to bring to somebody's party included sausage and peppers when my mom would prepare for an event. I watched both my dad and mom do a teamwork project on it. Dad would chop everything, even slice the garlic with a razor (a clean one), and mom would could the onions and peppers while either frying or BBQing the sausages. I have taken mom's recipe to almost the exact science, except I like to add a bit of color to mine. The only difference between mine and my mothers is that she only uses green peppers, while I get a little more fancy and doll the dish up with yellow, orange and green. Just more appealing to me. Not sure if there's a major difference, but it's all about the 'culla' and if it looks 'purdy'.

First you want to chop up two medium size onions into ringlets, fresh parsley and finely slice 4 cloves of garlic. I use organic peppers, using all the cutesy colors you see in the photo and I clean them thoroughly. Take out all the pulp and just slice them elongated. Add some fresh mushrooms into the mix and drizzle olive oil on the lovelies.  Spice it up with salt, pepper, red pepper, oregano and then throw some white wine into the mix, giving it a beautiful flavor. Mix it up and put it in the oven at 375. My mother says 350 - but I like to fully cook the garlic so it's not so "PA-DOW" with each bite. Just keep turning and checking it to see if it softens up a bit.

While you're veggies are roasting, start pan searing your sausage. I use sweet Italian sausages like my mom does. I constantly turn them on a medium heat for quite a bit. I don't like undercooked sausages - not feeling that, however, I don't like them burnt to a crisp either.  Slow cooking is much better with this dish because it absorbs all the juices.

I then slice them in half. It not only makes more for the dish, but most people prefer having them sliced up so that they're easier to eat and put into sandwiches if they want to. I leave them on the side for a bit before throwing them into the mix.

After your veggies are not too hard and not too soft, throw the sausages into the mix and then put it in the oven for approximately another 20-30 minutes or so and voila - you'll have a great and easy dish to cook for your friends and family. In fact, this dish is going to my mom's BBQ tomorrow for Mother's Day. Bon appetit!

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