Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eating Out While On Paleo

Usually I cook from home because I can choose what types of meats and vegetables are being tossed into my system, but I do dine out every once in a while. Of course you can't ask the waiter if the chicken of the day is hormone free or if your steak is grass fed. So, I just stick to a no carb diet and hope for the best. But let me backtrack about why this blog is changing more into a Paleo or low/no carb theme... The past few years were really rough for me, trying to take care of Dad while he suffered greatly with cancer. Last year, he passed away. So, between the years of trying to take care of my parents and going through the grieving process, I packed on the pounds, this time, at an alarming rate. I wasn't exercising all that much because I was always in the hospital or trying to take care of Mom while Dad was gone. And not to place blame on anyone or anything, because yes, it is my conscious choice to put food in my mouth or not, but I started to figure out what it was to "emotionally eat". I wasn't even eating foods that were healthy. I even got excited to eat KFC if that says anything. So, I learned about a new lifestyle, (not diet) through my friend John. I tried it for a bit and really was convinced that this was really not for me. Not only was it about eating low/no carb, but it was more about eating cleaner foods, healthier foods and staying away from things like beans and things you would never think would be "unhealthy".

Anyway, now that I'm on the Paleo, the pounds are dropping slowly, but surely. Last night, I brought my wife and mother out to our favorite Italian restaurant. Now me being Italian, I grew up on pasta. I think my mom even spiked some pasta in my formula. As I'm sitting at the table with them, everyone is eating bread (and it looked sooooo good), and pasta. It does take willpower to say no to all those evil little pasta entrees that they have listed, especially your "usual". I'm a regular in this joint so they expected me to say the same dish, but instead, I ordered steamed clams and mussels in a white wine and butter sauce. I even ordered extra clams with it. I then had an antipasto and an arugula salad with grilled chicken on it. I felt satisfied and not stuffed like a balloon as I usually get ordering "the usual". I thought it would be extremely hard, but consciously ordering these other types of foods make me feel not only healthier, but I'm losing weight while I'm enjoying my time inside an Italian restaurant. Who woulda' thunk? I'm still quite new on this, but here are some of the delicious things I have ordered below. Bon apetit! 

There is no way I can ever complain about these dishes. My mom said to me, "Why don't you get it over spaghetti?" I just gave her a blank stare. Although I do miss my pasta, I'm very happy seeing my waistline gradually decreasing and hopefully my health increasing. I'm very excited about this new lifestyle choice, and pulling through even when nobody else is on the diet with me. I guess for now, I pray for self control, but at this point, I pray for health that comes along with this new change. 

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