Friday, July 19, 2013

Facing Challenges on Paleo

It's been like 100+ degrees here and my appetite has been next to none. Although I'm mostly in the A/C, anytime I go outside during this weather, I instantly overheat for whatever reason. I drink tons of water, so I'm not sure what my deal is other than good ol' menopause kicking into high gear. The last thing I want to do is go grocery shopping. Then again, if I did go, I'd loiter around the frozen section to cool off. Finding foods to eat while trying to maintain a Paleo lifestyle (or in my case, an 80/20 Paleo), it can be challenging to say the least. Yesterday afternoon, I went to go have lunch with Mom. She instantly said, "Well, what about pizza? What about a sandwich?" And although those would be perfect foods in the summer, I was craving a salad, or something light and healthy, even a smoothie, but that wasn't available yesterday. So, Mom got creative and made me a delicious antipasto salad (not the typical greens I would get) but wow, it was delicious. But I had yet another dilemma: dinner. I have to say this -- I have never, in my life, have made eggs for dinner. To me, it's like eating a hamburger for breakfast. It just doesn't cut it. I took out a leftover steak from the night before, cut it in half and placed two eggs on each of them (one for me and one for Madelene), and not only was it satisfying, but it didn't leave me so bloated with heartburn later in the evening. I'm at the stage where I'm finding I'd rather not eat at all if the only thing on the menu is bread-based foods. I'm still not sure if the "true" Paleo folks would accept me as their own (heh), but I'm trying my hardest to eat grass fed meats, hormone free poultry, fresh fish and seafood, organic veggies and berries and avocados.  That's basically my entire diet, and I'm pretty okay with that. I just can't do nuts. Never have, never will. Although I am nuts. (There's a few jokes that can be made with that.)

If you have any suggestions on what to do when you have zilch in the fridge or you can't get available Paleo when you're feeling hungry, please feel free to comment below and share. I would love some tips and advice. So far, right now - that's been the only real challenge for me.

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