Thursday, September 19, 2013

Paleo Clam Bake & BBQ Treats

I remember Dad used to come home with a shitload of shellfish, to which I wasn't too crazy about. But I remember that Mom and Dad would both make it into a huge BBQ/surf & turf --- from steaks and burgers to steamers, crab legs, soft shell crabs and shrimp. I could have jumped into Paleo at a young age if it weren't for the corn on the cob, potato salad suffocated in processed mayo and of course, bread for my burger. In my seasoned years, my BBQ has taken a healthier twist. For starters, I love making appetizers for my guests. I make steamers first, and start it off with a drizzle of olive oil, butter, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, lemon, wine and a touch of broth. Once that gets to a small boil, I throw the clams in after I have cleaned them thoroughly. So important to clean them off good or you'll be chomping on sand. I usually will serve this along with bread for my guests because the sauce is just INCREDIBLE for dipping, but my willpower has to remain strong. Best paired up with a nice chardonnay or pinot grigio. The last couple of batches I made came out very tough, so watch where you buy them and never overcook the clams. Make sure that once they open up, they are out of the steamer and ready to serve.

My other favorite thing to do is shish kabobs. I rounded mine up with bell peppers, mushroom caps on the end with grass fed beef. Learn from my mistake because if you're like me, you'll like them medium rare --- but if you cook it medium rare, they come out 'red' on the top because the bell pepper is sitting right on top of the meat, so be careful. But they are so much fun and so delicious. I have been enjoying BBQs much better since I can actually eat good "clean" food and not tinker with the bad carbs. If I get a craving for carbs, I just eat a half of a sweet potato or make sweet potato fries which are delicious. It's weird, I feel like I have more options. When I BBQ with Mom, she makes the BEST pork ribs ever! And she makes it all natural with some broth, honey and spices. She broils them first and then we pop the rack on the BBQ. Bon appetit!

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Kerrie Urban said...

After seeing all your comments on my blog, I decided to check out yours :) Love all of the recipes! I've been thinking about going Paleo for awhile now, but never last more than a couple of days. I really want to do it, and will definitely check back for motivation and recipe ideas!

Deb said...

Kerrie, I just got to the point where I was finding that no diet ever worked for me. I would lose temporarily, then get cravings. Then gain the weight back and then some. With Paleo, you can have cheat days, but the main gist is not feeling hungry by all the protein and fat from clean sources. I dropped 30 lbs and still plugging (and eating) myself back to my goal size. I put on a lot of weight so this was the LAST "diet" I was ever gonna go on. it was worth a shot and 5 months later, I'm very happy and adjusted.

Seeing all the food on your blog was amazing and I love when people take photos and tell me what they're eating while they're out and about. Great stuff! :)