Saturday, October 5, 2013

What About Alcohol on Paleo?

Today's not so much about recipes, but it's about alcohol consumption while being on Paleo. The concept of Paleo is to steer away from grains, wheat and starches. This includes the biggest culprit of diabetes and heart disease: sugar. While sugar is bad, some types of sugars are okay in moderation, such as fruit and wine. On Paleo, we're told to limit our consumption of both fruit and wine because they both contain moderate amounts of sugar -- some more than others. But I always wondered, what types of alcohol were okay to drink? While doing some research, I discovered that many websites suggest that red wine is the absolute best to drink while being on Paleo due to its antioxidants and benefits for the heart. It also does not contain any wheat, grains or starches, unlike beer and even vodka. I'm a big fan of vodka so this was tough for me, but there is a vodka that is okay to drink. Ciroc is made from frozen grapes, not potatoes, rice or other starchy substances. They do have gluten-free beer out there that's eh, okay. I quit beer altogether though. Not worth it. And let's face it, being on Paleo alone and stopping refined sugars, wheat and grains including meat that's 'beefed' up with antibiotics is a good start in my book. The antibiotics to "beef" up the cows are the antibiotics that beef us up too! It also makes us resistant to antibiotics in the future when we're sick and really need it. Did I sidetrack? Oh yes I did.

So my point of this post is, eat, drink and be moderation.

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