Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Homemade Paleo Meatballs

As a kid growing up, I loved Sunday mornings. Mom would get up at 8am to make her gravy and then fry up her meatballs, sausages and any other pork-related goodies to throw into her concoction. Before even having breakfast, Mom would walk over with a meatball stuck on a fork, fresh out of the frying pan. They were so good and delicious that we always went back for seconds. That's when she would say, "That's enough! No more!" She still makes her famous meatballs and I have taken on her exact ingredients (although I have this feeling she left something major out so I wouldn't totally copy it), but it's good enough - not like Mom's, but 'good enough'. This time, since I'm on Paleo, I decided that meatballs are still going to be in my routine on Sundays. I decided to make gluten-free Paleo meatballs last night and wow, they were incredible! I love a meatball where you can actually see the ingredients. Most people just plop it together with mostly egg and breading. No breading in these parts of the woods.

First, clean your hands! Then take ground beef (grass fed if possible) and place it into a large bowl. I use a special red one to mix all my raw meat. I'm just strange that way. Flatten it out a bit. Chop up five cloves of garlic finely, a half an onion, fresh parsley and some basil. Throw it in the bowl. Add a half a cup of parmesan cheese. Add salt, pepper & garlic powder. Don't be afraid to knead your meat. Squish the hell outuv' it till it becomes 'gluey'.

Start making da' balls!
Place them in a pan after you have buttered the bottom. 
I use bacon fat, since olive oil's properties changes into a dangerous carcinogen when cooked on high levels of heat. You can also fry them in coconut oil, but I prefer baking them with a little bacon fat.
Bake them for 30 minutes at 375 and they should be perfect. 

Whenever I make ground beef, I always tend to add some liver into the mix. (I know, some of you cringe when I put my liver recipes up. You can see the liver recipe on this post when you click here.) It's not only high in iron, but it's a helluva' antidepressant, especially for PMSing women. Men and lesbian spouses, you will totally thank me. You can make whatever greens you prefer. I chose to go with a nice garden fresh marinade salad along with greens that complimented this dish so well. This dish goes great with a deep, dry cabernet and even a buttery chardonnay. Bon appetite!
(My marinade salad has fresh garlic, mushroom buttons, mozzarella & cherry tomatoes.) 
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