Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mangiare Mangiare!

The view from my deck.
Being stuck inside due to wintery weather can make you crave some good ol' comfort food, especially if it has to sit and simmer, letting the entire house smell like love. Being on Paleo sometimes is challenging. Being Italian in itself is challenging when it comes to low carb foods, however I always give myself a cheat day once in a while. It helps me maintain the Paleo lifestyle without feeling jilted in some way. I'm not allergic to gluten or develop negative reactions when and if I do dabble in pasta or breads, but I want to be healthier and lighter in my seasoned years. But back to good ol' Italian comfort food: homemade marinara. And I'm not talking the generalized version of "homemade" where cans are involved --- I'm talking about chopping and dicing up your tomatoes and seasonings yourself. No packaged products, (except for the pasta maybe). You can also use this delicious sauce on spaghetti squash along with any type of meat, like sausage and meatballs or even pork ribs. This sauce is best on tripe, meatloaf or chicken cacciatore. It basically goes well with anything. Mom used to throw tripe into her gravy (as most Italian Brooklynites call it) and it was just amazing.
  • I chop garlic in decent size chunks, an entire bulb of it.
  • I chop fresh parsley, basil and a half of a white onion.
  • Then I dice up vine tomatoes (you can use plum tomatoes which are delicious).
  • I start a base of a thin layer of olive oil in a regular size pot. 
  • I season the bottom with salt, pepper, hot pepper & garlic powder.
  • I throw in only the garlic, parsley and onion to sauté.
  • After it simmers a bit (don't burn the garlic because it'll be bitter) then I throw in the diced tomatoes.
  • Stir that around until it cooks a bit.
  • Add a small amount of red table wine into the mix.
  • Half a cup of parmesan cheese.
  • 1 or 2 cups of chicken broth (depending on how many tomatoes you chopped up, I chop about 15).
  • Stir & let simmer with the lid on, letting it crack open so it can breathe and not overflow.

This sauce goes great with a light chianti or a pinot noir. I always say, go by your taste and don't let anyone judge your 'sauce'. So start cooking for your loved ones and bon appetit my friends!

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