Monday, November 26, 2018

Deb's Crab Cakes---Simple, Fast & Easy to Make!

Every Christmas Eve, my family would do the Feast of the Seven Fishes. My father owned part of the South Street Seaport down in New York City, so he would grab a ton of seafood and bring it home. Cooking started the night before Christmas Eve, well into the early morning. After a while, my appreciation for seafood declined, and I even became allergic to certain things, like shrimp and octopus salad. But if they were fried, somehow I was able to eat them. Anyway, in my 'seasoned' years, I began to crave the mighty crustaceans once again. I loved crab cakes so much that I started making them myself. I didn't realize how easy it was to make delicious crab cakes.

You can buy a pound of lump crab in a can for about $20 bucks. Anymore than that, you're getting ripped off. It stays fresh for a long time too, until you open it up. It's just like fresh crab! I promise.

Grab yourself a bowl

Throw a can of lump crab in

1 tablespoon of good ol' yellow mustard

2 tablespoons of mayo

2 eggs

Rip apart 2 slices of white bread in tiny pieces (leave out the crust)

Add breadcrumbs

Salt, pepper, garlic powder

Chop up fresh Italian parsley

Chop up a little onion or you can even use scallions (not much)

Sprinkle on Old Bay Seasoning generously, depending on how spicy you like it...

Start making patties out of them---usually you'll get 6 small ones or you can do 4 big ones.

Fry them up in olive oil, 5 minutes on each side and make sure you don't burn them, they can burn really fast.

Set up a bed of greens and serve them up! They're delicious!

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