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Mama's Italian Penicillin: Chicken Tortellini Soup

My mama's famous chicken tortellini soup!
There's nothing like Mama's chicken soup. Anytime I was feeling sick or even if I was feeling down, my mom would rush out of the house and buy celery, onions, carrots and a 4 lb fryer chicken. She specialized in the most amazing soups that I have learned right before she passed away. She finally gave me her recipes for her famous soups, but I truly wish she was still here making them instead. It's heartwarming to smell her cooking when I make her recipes. It fills the house with a nostalgic love that just embraces you as you cook. I really miss her, so this is my way of keeping her legend alive...and I know she's watching me when I cook. I seriously can hear her correct me if I do something wrong. So all in all, she is still micromanaging me in my own cucina!

Basic stuff here folks.

Fill a large pot with water.

Unwrap your chicken and clean it thoroughly. Make sure those gizzards are plucked out. They usually come in a bag. What I do with these gems is fry em' up and serve them to my dog. It's super rich in iron and many other nutritious minerals. Your dog will go crazy for them.

Place your chicken in the pot. Rub your chicken with some olive oil and season it with salt, pepper and some garlic powder. Also make sure that your chicken does not have one of those plastic thermometers, or else you'll have melted plastic in your soup. No no no...

As you place the pot filled with water and your little chickadee---keep the burner on high and wait for a boil.

As you're doing that, start chopping an entire stalk of celery. I mean an entire thing of it! Chop chop chop until you get carpel tunnel.

Chop two large onions. YES, two. Onions have properties that help your respiratory system, especially if you're sick with the flu and have bronchitis or asthma complications. This seriously will help you recover. It's no joke why chicken soup is healing.

I do not use garlic. Garlic gives it a weird flavor and a lot of people agree. But if you like it, then by all means add as much as you want, but this soup calls for no garlic.

Chop up some fresh parsley.

Chop up an entire bag of baby carrots. I prefer baby carrots, but you can do regular if you want. Make sure it's a lot, because what happens now is a big secret kept by my mama. Don't be afraid to chop TOO much----it's going to be amazing.

As you are adding all of these ingredients into your pot, make sure to use salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Now that your pot is starting to boil, take a blender and start scooping up the veggies---don't worry about adding a little water into the mix, it'll come out so good. Blend it till it's a puree ---blend it till you can't blend it no mo'! Then add that right back into your pot of deliciousness! And let me tell you---your soup will be the talk of the town.

Put a cover on it and let it boil for 1 1/2 hours.

Go inside and watch something on Netflix.

When you come back after it fully boiled for an hour and a half, carefully take the chicken out with a huge drainer spoon and another large spoon to remove the chicken. If a wing or leg comes off, make sure to take the drainer spoon and retrieve it. You don't want any bones in your soup.

Lay the chicken out on a cutting board--making sure that the drippings from the boiled water has someplace to go. You can even use a large serving plate that will let the remaining water settle instead of spilling onto the counter. Pie dishes are ok, as long as they are big enough.

Let it sit for about 15 minutes. Pick apart every piece of meat you can, chopping it up into bite size cubes or strands...that's up to you.

When you're done throwing the entire chicken meat in (no skin) --- then mix it around, and add either chicken broth from a box or do what I do: fill the water to the top again and add 7 chicken flavored bullion cubes. My pot holds about 20 cups, so make sure your pot is big enough for 7 bullion cubes. It's one cup per cube to be exact.

Turn the burner of the stove off, and add in your frozen tortellinis and cover.

Wait about 20 minutes before serving.

And feel better, this soup is exactly what the doctor ordered!

To see a previously recorded live video of me cooking this step by step, just CLICK HERE and it'll guide you to my Periscope account. I hope you like it!

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