Sunday, November 25, 2018

My Mama's Famous Pasta Fagioli! Or is it 'Bosta Fazool?'

One of my favorite soups my mama used to make was her pasta fagioli, pronounced, "bosta fazool." This was one soup known for its powerful agita. My mother used to make a bowl of soup for my dad, look over at me and say, "I'm giving him a bowl of gas," and she'd roll her eyes anticipating the entire evening dodging the dutch oven from the other side of the bed. But it was worth it, right? This is a great soup to serve up when you're having friends and family over and you wanna start them off with a little appetizer, especially on a cold evening.

About two weeks before my mom passed away, she asked if I could help her cook. I always asked her how to make this soup and she would just blurt out the steps and then say, "Oh it's so easy, Deb!" But I never truly grasped it, until she did this... She called me to come down and help her. She said, "Get the cutting board, chop up garlic, onions, parsley, basil---start it like a sauce." And as she was telling me what to do, I kind of figured out she wanted me to learn hands on. I started to get a huge lump in my throat because I knew what she was doing. She always wanted me to cook her recipes---and I loved everything she made so I was more than willing. I never made any soup while mom was alive because that was her gig and I respected that. But she knew she didn't have long here, and shared her treasure with me, so that I could share that treasure with my family.

Thank you, Mom. Our house smells like you're still here cooking. I miss you.
I remember my mom making the soup while we lived in the same house. I couldn't make out if she was making an Italian sauce (gravy) or her famous pasta fagioli. You start them the same...

First you pour a little olive oil into a pot.

Take one bulb of garlic and carefully chop them in big elongated slices, so you can see it when you take a scoop of the soup. It's amazing!

Chop up fresh parsley and basil.

Dice one big onion.

Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, a little red pepper and oregano.

Let the mixture of everything sauté for about a minute, not burning the garlic and then add 4 cups of water, 1 small can of tomato paste and 4 cans of cannelloni beans.

Let that simmer for 30 minutes.

Then fill the pot with water or chicken broth to the top with some room for the pasta.

Throw in 5 chicken flavored bullion cubes (by taste and depending on how big your pot is.)

Add in parmesan cheese.

Let it come to another boil.

Turn off burner.

Throw in 1 lb of elbow pasta raw.

Put a lid on it and push it over to the side. The pasta will cook automatically.

And voila --- you have yourself a delicious and healthy soup!

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